1. Four elements

    This piece makes use of the relationship between the four elements in order to symbolize the interaction of opposites in nature.
    This piece is based on the interaction between fire, water, air and earth. The colour yellow is used intensively, and represents the binding force between opposites. The primary features of this composition are:
    The inner black and white circle is based on the concept of the yin and yang. The black and white enclaves both contain the Hebrew letter ‘yud’, which to me represents the common factor which is to be found in opposites. When two yuds are juxtaposed, they form one of the divine names, indicating that the harmony between two opposites is a divine state of existence.
    From this union emanate the array of cool and warm colours; which respectively represent male and female, water and fire, air and earth.
    The words “fire, earth, air and water” can be rotated and read from both directions (adopted from Dan Browns’ book “Angels and Demons), which by means of rotational symmetry adds an unusual dimension to the piece.
    Earth and sky are both attracted to each other – vegetation grows towards the sky, while the sky is attracted to the earth by transmitting energy waves from the sun. This is symbolised by the green and orange line patterns.

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